Shoaib Nasir is a very nice young Pakistani always ready to share his passion for drawing which he started since he was 11 years old. Now 23 years old, he is a bachelor of arts student at a university in Karachi (Allama Iqbal Open University) where he also learns English, public relations and Urdu literature [Editor’s note: Urdu is the national language of Pakistan]. It was a pleasure to talk to him.

Shoaib Nasir, a young Pakistani drawer

Why the choice of drawing as a mode of artistic expression? Shoaib believes that such a question is not logical since, for him, « God has endowed each of us with a talent, in different things ». In drawing, he says to be self-taught. “Even today, I continue to learn. I don’t see myself as an artist, but as a beginner, ” he says with some pride.
When asked what art means to him, he says: “I use art for entertainment, but I also like to convey a message on special occasions.”

For this fairly gifted young artist, everyone has their own style of body language and to clarify their thinking when we ask him what he could advise young Africans who would like to do like him: « I mean that everything is different from others. . Don’t try to copy, just get ideas from others and start your own work; you will shine one day. « 

Regarding the relationship between art and religion, Shoaib believes that everyone has their own religious beliefs and that changing someone’s religious views is not easy. “The only thing that can get people to follow you is your behavior with them. If I criticize the art of other religions, it is clear that the followers of this religion will hate me but if I respect their work, they will love me and follow me, ” he argues.

His future in art, he sees it very bright and does not hide it at all: « I will InshaAllah put my best efforts in the field of art and I will pray to God to bless me in this field so that I become a great artist. This way my designs will be so effective for people that they can learn good messages from them for long periods of time. Because for me, the main point is not only the message, but rather the duration in time of the influence of the created works.”

We couldn’t end this conversation without hinting at VOVID-19. Upon learning that this pandemic has also caused deaths in Mali as in all African countries, he seems surprised: « I did not think that the symptoms of this disease would affect the inhabitants of hot zones much », he said, specifying that in his country, many measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus, including containment.

Regarding his drawing above, Shoaib Nasir tells us this: “I made this drawing for Muslims on the occasion of Eid Ul-Azha [the Tabaski in our country]. In fact, there is no specific message, just for on the one hand our love for our animals, and on the other hand our love for God, Almighty Allah, for whom we sacrifice our animals well- loved ones and our valuables.”

We cannot close this article without sharing with you this quote from Abdul Sattar Eidhi, a Pakistani philanthropist, to which our young artist seems very attached: « No religion is higher than humanity. »

To get to know this very generous young Pakistani designer better, we invite you to visit Shoaib’s Youtube:

Interview by MINGA S. Siddick